The Nim Bus

El_Ceviche    13 May, 2022
The Nim Bus

Okay...So, I got bored.

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19/05/2022 Edited   NeoChomik NeoChomik
i'm sure it's going to germany

17/05/2022 Edited   No Profile Image i am a pear
please let this be a normal field trip. With El Ceviche no way!

17/05/2022 Edited   El_Ceviche El_Ceviche
It was free.

16/05/2022 Edited   No Profile Image i am a pear
That's a odd door for a bus

14/05/2022 Edited   MadameCercle MadameCercle
Nice bus.

14/05/2022 Edited   Mark Burkhart Mark Burkhart
Short bus, prolly has the future President of the US on it.

14/05/2022 Edited   Stihl Stihl
Looks nice

13/05/2022 Edited   Pen_alias Pen_alias
I bet those super intelligent mice ride it.

13/05/2022 Edited   El_Ceviche El_Ceviche
Just playing around.