Stormtrooper Chickens

El_Ceviche    29 April, 2022
Stormtrooper Chickens

Haven't seen these guys for a while.

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30/04/2022 Edited   MadameCercle MadameCercle
Bon, on sait qu'un peu plus loin il y a une corde en travers de la route ...

30/04/2022 Edited   Pen_alias Pen_alias
Time for a cool, cool change.

29/04/2022 Edited   Stihl Stihl
That's no moon

29/04/2022 Edited   El_Ceviche El_Ceviche
Transcript: I feel a change in the wind. We're just going down the road really fast. No, I mean it. I feel like things are finally looking up! What does that even mean? I can't explain it. It's just a feeling. If you ask me, it's been too long since you crossed the road.