Wise Words

LegitSi    11 October, 2020
Wise Words

Watching this all unfold is kind of like a dream. I'm a pioneer of this new venture, and bring others to the site with a strip, and NeoChomik borrowed that for it to spread to a wider audience. All of the great talent I've seen come here makes me just.. so happy. At the same, though, I don't nearly have the time or effort to make the works of art others can, and thus, I cannot possess it. I guide others to a teasure I cannot possess, that is, actually good strips. In the age of the broken SG, where we have 2 months to go before it ultimately expires, this is our last hope, as broken as it may be sometimes. This is the only place that has visuals nowadays.. Yet I can't make said good works of art. Maybe my contact with 3fs, advertisement of this place, and overall community interactment can make up for it. I'm only human, after all. We all are. Maybe I'll be known for these long descriptions. It'd be surprising for sure. Anyway, I'm approaching the character limit. See you all tomorrow.

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04/11/2020 Edited   Mark Burkhart Mark Burkhart
Keep us alive!

11/10/2020 Edited   Naga sake Naga sake
Just have fun bro. Its a comic website. I loved it because it was fun. dont hate on yourself and dont get so somber

11/10/2020 Edited   LegitSi LegitSi
Description (1000/1000). Perfect.