He comes...

Naga sake    17 May, 2022
He comes...

I was gonna make a full page but one of my friends wanted to watch a movie. Here's a spoiler: one of the people in the first frame is gonna die next upload, PLACE YOUR BETS

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19/05/2022 Edited   NeoChomik NeoChomik
so basically what media believes video games do to people

18/05/2022 Edited   MadameCercle MadameCercle
(les amis devraient attendre la fin de la création)

18/05/2022 Edited   MadameCercle MadameCercle
Bonne moitié ! (de page)

18/05/2022 Edited   Mark Burkhart Mark Burkhart
So, that wouldn't be the severd head then

17/05/2022 Edited   No Profile Image i am a pear
looks GREAT and my bet is the guy that looks like he is scared

17/05/2022 Edited   El_Ceviche El_Ceviche