El Historia de StripGenerator 3 Parte 2

EmanateLantern    20 November, 2023
El Historia de StripGenerator 3 Parte 2

I'm learning. First of all, thank you to Pen_alias for making me realize that right clicking (to move around a strip) is as easy as alt+depressing the touchpad. But I don't feel like changing the flow of my comics now, so 3-wide it remains. Although, Pen_alias, I honestly thought you would've pointed out the name, but whatever. Second of all, you may notice the more complicated strip design. I'm taking the time and effort to construct more elaborate panels. I think this will do wonders. Let me know what you think, as well as the Spanish translations, because they're the whole reason I'm doing this anyway, but also because they may suck and I want to know if they suck.

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21/11/2023 Edited   No Profile Image EmanateLantern
I'll put the full transcript from all parts on the final part of this, which should be part 4.

20/11/2023 Edited   El_Ceviche El_Ceviche
Could you put a transcript in the comments so I can use translator please?

20/11/2023 Edited   Pen_alias Pen_alias
You can't use that username; the federal government has invoked emanate domain...that's all I've got.

20/11/2023 Edited   No Profile Image EmanateLantern
I will continue to point out that this name is one of the best I've ever come up with.