First Zonk

Pen_alias    24 May, 2023
First Zonk

I abhor violence. Do you know why I abhor violence? Because Bawkman's "costume" has so many pieces to it that it was a major undertaking just to make it look that bad.

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29/05/2023 Edited   NeoChomik NeoChomik
even if it's never the answer, you need to try it to make sure

25/05/2023 Edited   MadameCercle MadameCercle
Piétiner c'est toujours mieux que d'être violent.

24/05/2023 Edited   Pen_alias Pen_alias
Green Hornet Kato or Pink Panther Cato?

24/05/2023 Edited   El_Ceviche El_Ceviche
He would make a good Kato

24/05/2023 Edited   Pen_alias Pen_alias
Transcript: Gentlemen, I don’t know what your problem with us is, but I assure you, violence is not the solution! It’s not? Gosh no, it never is! Never? No, never! Still, it’s a pretty good first step.