Writing is Hard, Guys

Emerald1631    1 February, 2022
Writing is Hard, Guys

Making an original character for self-indulgent stories without inserting traits of myself is difficult sometimes. Especially when I try to write romantic stories. Oh, woe is me who makes all of her original characters hotter versions of herself.

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07/02/2022 Edited   FireLordA2 FireLordA2
I like to use OCs as personas, a little bit of yourself smh makes you want to make a better OC.

05/02/2022 Edited   NeoChomik NeoChomik
each of my OC's are the voice in my head. does that count as self-insert?

02/02/2022 Edited   Pen_alias Pen_alias
I have to keep something back for myself.

02/02/2022 Edited   MadameCercle MadameCercle
>>>> Pen_alias : — Quand le personnage n'a qu'un auteur, il ne doit pas partager ! Il doit tout lui donner.

02/02/2022 Edited   Naga sake Naga sake
Julian started off as a self insert, but changed over the years. Naga started as a self insert, he's slowly drifting. 'Yourself' is often the baseline for a character, and then you make tweaks.

01/02/2022 Edited   Pen_alias Pen_alias
I think most characters share some attributes with their authors.